Infinia Integrator – PR

Infinia Integrator – PR

Executive Summary
Companies today compile many types of transactions outside of their accounting software that can not be easily integrated into Microsoft Dynamics GP from Microsoft® Excel. Now those Payroll (PR) transactions, including Pay Codes, Deductions, and Benefits, can easily be imported into Dynamics GP with a simple Copy-Paste-Import. Select the company, choose the batch, and paste. The PR transactions are immediately fully validated before being imported into Dynamics GP. Best of all, there are no complex integrations to define or maintain.


  • Immediate error validation without any data mapping by the user.
  • Ability for user to show only errors before importing.
  • Ability to import multiple PR transactions with a single Copy-Paste-Import.
  • Supports Dynamics GP Payroll Transaction Entry (U.S. Payroll only) of pay codes, deductions, and benefits.
  • Support option for companies using Dynamics GP Human Resources module for allowing the import of Pay Codes that are linked to Time Codes.
  • Transactions can be imported into an existing batch or a new batch can be created on-the-fly.
  • Support for single and recurring PR batches.
  • Ability to apply employee defaults from Dynamics GP.
  • Security enabled to restrict users who can import into Dynamics GP.
  • Ability to export required column names back to Excel from creating new templates.
  • Optional ability to enter header information for PR transaction entry batch.
  • Immediate display of the number of transactions and employees in PR batch.
  • Ability to change the grid on-the-fly for only PR deductions and benefits, without going into main setup.
  • Ability to direct the import to include or exclude certain information, including validation support for:   employee id, pay period from, pay period to, transaction type, pay code, deduction, benefit, position, amount, department, in addition to salary, salary change type, state, local, SUTA, workers compensation, shift, premium, days worked, weeks worked, pay rate, and human resources when pay codes are linked to time codes.

Download the Infinia Integrator for GP – Payroll Fact Sheet

Integrator Case Study

When you think about “must have” items, you probably think of water to drink or shoes to protect your feet. Similar to the necessities in life, payroll management is a necessity in business.  Read on to see how this customer uses the Integrator for Payroll.

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