Infinia Integrator – NAV

Infinia Integrator – NAV

Executive Summary
Financial professionals use Microsoft® Excel every day to create complex schedules and General Ledger (GL) journal entries. Now thosejournal entries can easily be imported into Microsoft Dynamics NAV with a simple Copy – Paste – Import. Select the company, choose thebatch, and paste. The journal entries are fully validated before being imported in Dynamics NAV. Best of all, there are no complexintegrations to define or maintain.

The following verifications are performed when the general journal is pasted.

  • Verifies dollar amount is a valid format
  • Verifies GL account is setup in NAV
  • Verifies GL account is enabled for direct entry
  • Verifies GL account is not blocked
  • Verifies posting date format
  • Verifies posting date is open based on user setup, if not present then posting date based on GL setup
  • Verifies document is in balance
  • Verifies document number length
  • Verifies dimension code
  • Verifies dimension code value
  • Verifies dimension code is not blocked
  • Verifies dimension code value is not blocked
  • Verifies dimension Value Type (only allow Standard and Begin-Total are allowed)
  • Verifies if dimension is Mandatory (with and without a default)
  • Verifies if “Same-Code” required
  • Verifies blocked dimension combinations
  • Verifies limited dimension combinations
  • Verifies blocked dimension value combinations

– Multiple General Journal documents can be pasted in a single paste operation 
– Currently supports General Journals using Account Type = “GL Account” 
– Utilizes NAV Web Services. 
– Dimensions have three pasting options:

  • Do not paste dimensions. The web services will add the dimensions while importing the entry.
  • Leave dimensions values not pasted as blank.
  • Auto complete dimension values not pasted based on NAV configuration.

– Dimensions setup in NAV are automatically used for the dimension column heading in the Integrator.
– Unlimited number of Dimensions are supported.

Download the Infinia Integrator for NAV Fact Sheet

Microsoft Office and NAV together

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