Infinia Integrator – GL

Infinia Integrator – GL

Executive Summary
Financial professionals use Microsoft® Excel every day to create complex schedules and General Ledger (GL) journal entries. Now those journal entries can easily be imported into Microsoft Dynamics GP with a simple Copy – Paste – Import. Select the company, enter the date, choose the batch, and paste. The journal entries are fully validated before being imported in Dynamics GP. Best of all, there are no complex integrations to define or maintain.

Features · Immediate error validation, without any data mapping by the user.

  • Ability to show only errors before importing, on-screen, color-coded with no error log or edit list to read.
  • NEW:  ability to import Multiple journal entries with one copy-paste-import.  Read how.
  • Entries can be imported into an existing batch or a new batch can be created on-the-fly.
  • Supports single use and recurring batches.
  • Transaction date is verified to be in an open year or open period, with support for posting to a historical year if option is enabled in Dynamics GP.
  • Reversing entries are supported, including defaulting date to first date of the next month.
  • Account numbers are fully validated, including checks for inactive accounts and direct account entry not allowed option in Dynamics GP.
  • Dollar amounts are fully validated, including balancing of entry.
  • Unit and allocation accounts are supported for import.
  • Support for Dynamics GP Intercompany journal entries, with validation of accounts in destination company.
  • Support for Dynamics GP Multicurrency companies (functional currency transaction only).
  • Journal entries are imported into an open GL batch for review prior to posting into Dynamics GP.
  • Security enabled to restrict users who can import into Dynamics GP.
  • Support for GL Reporting Ledgers, if activated.
  • Ability to export required columns needed for import back into Microsoft Excel.
  • An optional audit report can be generated showing journal entry number assigned in Dynamics GP.

Download the Infinia Integrator for GP – General Ledger Fact Sheet

“The main reason why we initially bought Infinia was for our expense reporting with the Dynamics GP general ledger.  By adding the Integrator, we are now able to track with the originating fields in GP: Expense by person, Expense by type, and Vendor.  We get so much more detail now. By getting all of that detail in the GL will help us control our expenses better, and we can also smart list each of those fields as well. It will take us from two independent systems to one which is really good for us.”