Infinia Integrator – AR

Infinia Integrator – AR

Executive Summary
Companies compile many types of transactions outside of their accounting software that cannot be easily integrated into Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Now those Accounts Receivable (AR) transactions, including invoices, can be easily imported from Microsoft® Excel and into Dynamics GP with a simple Copy – Paste – Import.  Select the company, choose the batch, and paste.  The AR transactions are immediately fully validated before being imported into Dynamics GP.  Best of all, there are no complex integrations to define or maintain.



  • Immediate error validation without any data mapping by the user.
  • Ability for user to show only errors before importing.
  • Ability to import multiple AR transactions with a single Copy-Paste-Import.
  • Supports Dynamics GP Receivables Management Transaction Entry of sales invoices, debit memos, finance charges, service repairs, warranty, credit memos, and returns.
  • Transactions can be imported into an existing batch or a new batch can be created on-the-fly.
  • Support of single and recurring AR batches.
  • GL distribution account numbers are fully validated, including checks for inactive accounts and direct account entry not allowed option in Dynamics GP.
  • Dollar amounts are fully validated.
  • Ability to apply customer defaults from Dynamics GP.
  • Support for Dynamics GP Multicurrency companies (functional currency transaction only).
  • Transactions are imported into an open AR batch for review prior to posting into Dynamics GP.
  • Security enabled to restrict users who can import into Dynamics GP.
  • Ability to export required column names back to Excel for creating new templates.
  • Ability to direct the import to include or exclude certain information, including support for: customer ID, document number, document type, document date, description, cost amount, sales amount, trade discount amount, freight amount, misc. amount, address ID, salesperson ID, sales territory ID, commission information, payment terms, due date, discount date, discount percent, shipping method, purchase order number, general ledger distributions, distribution references, and sales tax details.


Download the Infinia Integrator for GP – AR Fact Sheet



“We love the simplicity of this product! Historically, we used another product to integrate large quantities of data. The process was slow and time consuming. With Infinia AP, we can do the process in one easy step!  Employees are already excited about the time savings this product will provide us!”

Illinois Farm Bureau