Infinia Integrator What’s New Software Version: Infinia

Infinia Integrator What’s New

This “What’s New” document will detail the major enhancements, new features, and changes made to the software since the version release.

Rebuild for version

If you are upgrading from version to, you will not have to rebuild any Infinia Integrator SQL Objects.

If you are upgrading form prior versions of the Infinia Integrator, please refer to the Upgrade documentation and the What’s New Guide from version

Support for GP2018

Version 8.4x and beyond supports Dynamics GP2018.

For Binary Stream MEM support, please install version and beyond for compatibility with GP2018.

New Feature – Ability to control Automatic MEM Intercompany

This new feature will allow the ability to enable or disable the MEM Intercompany option when importing transactions into GP.

When you have the Allow Automatic Intercompany Distribution unchecked in MEM, the Infinia Integrator will now default to “un-checked” in the Infinia Integrator window. Then when setting up your transaction in the Integrator, the user can decide to have the transaction import with or without intercompany distributions for MEM.

Below are a few examples.

MEM Setup window showing the Automatic Intercompany Distribution option un-checked.

The Integrator will default to “un-checked” and allow the user to select or un-select on executing the MEM Intercompany Distributions automatically.

Here you can see in JE 3469, there are no automatic MEM intercompany distributions.

Here the user has checked the Execute MEM Intercompany Distributions automatically.

Here you can see in JE 3470, and the MEM intercompany distributions are automatically calculated and displayed.

Contact Information

If you are an end-user customer and need support regarding the Infinia Integrator, please contact your Microsoft Dynamics GP partner.

If you are an Infinia partner for Integrator, please see the contact information below. All support should be directed to and is subject to your Infinia Partner Agreement.

Contact Information
Sikich, LLP
c/o: Infinia Integrator
1910 St. Joe Center Road, Suite 35
Fort Wayne, IN 46825-5000

Phone: 260.485.0665