Infinia Integrator What’s New Software Version:

Infinia Integrator What’s New Software Version:

This “What’s New” document will detail the major enhancements, new features, and changes made to the software since the version release.

Added validation for customer and vendor name

When licensed for the Master Record import module, version now validates the customer and vendor name exists when pasting new customers and vendors.

Added Internet Information import for Customers and Vendors

When licensed for the Master Record import module, version allows the import of the Vendor Internet Information and the Customer Internet Information.

GP2016 and Binary Stream MEM

Infinia Integrator version has been tested with GP2016 (GP16.00.0552) and Binary Stream MEM (MEM16.00.0601s05).

Upgrading to version

To complete the upgrade to, please follow the separate upgrade documentation found on our FTP site. When the upgrade is complete, you will need to rebuild the Infinia Integrator SQL objects as noted by this dialog box when you open the Integrator for the first time after the upgrade install.


Example of the upgrade dialog box for to

When rebuilding the Infinia Integrator SQL objects, you will need to reset the module setup tables for Vendors and Customers, by marking the checkboxes below.

PLEASE NOTE: You may want to have a screenshot of the current setup screens, since this will reset the import fields to the default.

After the rebuild is completed, go into the Vendors and Customer setup screens and re-setup your customer and vendor setups, including the new options for Internet Information.

Contact Information

If you are an end-user customer and need support regarding the Infinia Integrator, please contact your Microsoft Dynamics GP partner.

If you are an Infinia partner for Integrator, please see the contact information below. All support should be directed to and is subject to your Infinia Partner Agreement.

Contact Information
Sikich, LLP
c/o: Infinia Integrator
1910 St. Joe Center Road, Suite 35
Fort Wayne, IN 46825-5000

Phone: 260.485.0665